In English !

Here is a page dedicated to you if you prefer to speak English.

« Amis Perchés » is a firm created by two young people who love their job ! We are carpenters-roofers in Périgueux. However we will not hesitate to work anywhere in « Dordogne ». We will be happy to talk to you in English, but please forgive us if we lack a bit of vacabulary !

We are able to work on any kind of roof. We work with tiles, we love slate and we also love zinc. You can have a look at those roofings here ! As we are also carpenters, you can ask us for anything that has to do with wood.

Please do not hesitate to ask for an estimate or for an advice, we will be happy to come and meet you. 🙂

You can call Marc Samman : +336 63 73 02 23 or here are the other ways to contact us.